Porter-Cable Products


Category: Tools
Subcategory: Compressors

Porter-Cable Portable Compressors provide air pressure sufficent to support any pneumatic brad nailer, stapler, and finish/roofing/framing nailer.

Subcategory: Finishing
Tool Type: Grinders

Porter-Cable Grinders feature a lock-on slide switchside and handles that mount on the right or left or on top.

Subcategory: Cutting
Tool Type: Trimmers

Porter-Cable Laminate Trimmers provide a smooth finish cut with the Micro-set™ depth-of-cut adjustment knob.

Subcategory: Fastening
Power: Pneumatic
Tool Type: Nailers, Staplers

Porter-Cable delivers professional results on job sites with the full line of pneumatic nailers and staplers.

Subcategory: Finishing
Tool Type: Polishers

Porter-Cable's Polishers feature variable speeds and swirl-free polishing action to ensure the best possible finish.

Subcategory: Paint & Coating Removal
Tool Type: Power Paint Remover

Porter-Cable Power Paint Removers provide fast, uniform, controlled removal of paint rom wood, compositions and many other surfaces.

Subcategory: Cutting
Tool Type: Routers

Porter-Cable has turned the router world "on its head" with a series of routers designed for both inverted router table mounting, as well as portable freehand use.

Subcategory: Finishing
Tool Type: Sanders

Porter-Cable Sanders are capable of providing a smooth, even finish over a variety woods and can be used to either sand or remove paint on finished surfaces.

Subcategory: Benchtop Tools
Tool Type: Miter Saws, Table Saws

The heavy-duty Porter-Cable Miter Saws and Table Saws are designed for quick mounting on a benchtop or job site.

Subcategory: Cutting
Tool Type: Band Saws, Circular Saws, Jig Saws, Reciprocating Saws

Porter-Cable produces a large line of the best heavy-duty Saws including Circular, Jig, Bayonet, Tiger, Porta-Band, Metal Cutting and Tile Saws.

Subcategory: Clean-Up
Tool Type: Vacuums

Porter-Cable Wet/Dry Vacuums come in a variety of sizes to fit each job.